Mental Prep for the Holiday Season Ahead

istock 615903308 Addicts in recovery can be doing fine one day, and then Thanksgiving with the family looms in the near distance. The holiday season can be the most challenging for recovering addicts because they are forced to be near people who may either threaten their recovery or threaten their self-esteem, which, in turn, threatens their recovery. The mental prep you do now can make your holiday season easier to manage.

It’s OK to Say No

You are already a pro at saying no to alcohol or drugs. There is an implied obligation to show up for family during the holidays – but it’s a societal pressure that is not always healthy. If your family is toxic, or if you have a family member you know you won’t be able to avoid who causes you harm in any way, it’s ok to plan something different or spend the time with other people.

Set and Respect Your Boundaries

If you do feel it’s important to rebuild relationships with your family and want to be able to share the holidays with them, you should set and respect boundaries. Whether it’s a person, an amount of time you’re willing to spend, or the kinds of conversations you’re willing to have, be clear in your own mind what you’ll allow and what you won’t.

Bring a Friend

If you know your holiday season will include being around people that you may not be comfortable with, bring a trusted friend with you who can help strengthen your resolve and be there for you if you need support can make it easier.

The holidays can be a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with family and friends, but it is often a difficult time for recovering addicts. Prioritize your mental and physical health and make decisions about how you want to handle the season now.

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