Don’t Wait for a Crisis To Get Help

It seems to be a common problem – people wait until an absolute crisis before they try to get help. And unfortunately, when you wait to get help, it can make the problem even worse and make it even more difficult to get out from underneath it. So why do we wait until a crisis hits before we ask for help?

Why wait?

Waiting as long as possible to get help seems to be a common human reaction when things are going wrong (and only getting worse). Read on for some reasons why we wait so long, and see if any of them apply to you:

• It can be difficult to make a change, even if the change will end up being positive in the long run.

• You feel like you will be seen as weak if you ask for help (actually, the opposite is true – knowing when to ask for help and then seeking it is a sign that you are strong, resilient, and want to get the most out of life that you can).

• We are all creatures of habit and love our routines. Even if your habits aren’t healthy, it may feel safer to stick with them rather than trying to deal with them.

• You might be afraid of the consequences. These may be financial, relationship, or employment consequences, but you may also be afraid of the stigma that can come with having a mental health or substance abuse problem. You may also be afraid of what therapy or other treatment might uncover.

• Your problems might not look so bad compared to others. It is easy to talk yourself into not bothering to get help if you can look at someone else and say, “At least I don’t have her problems!”

• It seems overwhelming to figure out how to get help and from where.

Everyone needs help at some time, and there is nothing wrong with that! Don’t wait for a full-blown crisis to hit. If you are having problems dealing with life and you just can’t seem to get past them, ask for help now. Call Wasatch Crest in Heber, Utah, at (800) 385-3507.

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